December 12, 2022

Eye-Shield: Real-Time Protection of Mobile Device Screen Information from Shoulder Surfing

Posted on December 12, 2022  •  1 minutes  • 159 words  •



Brian Tang, Kang G. Shin


Accepted at 32nd USENIX Security Symposium (2023)



People use mobile devices ubiquitously for computing, communication, storage, web browsing, and more. As a result, the information accessed and stored within mobile devices, such as financial and health information, text messages, and emails, can often be sensitive. Despite this, people frequently use their mobile devices in public areas, becoming susceptible to a simple yet effective attack – shoulder surfing. Shoulder surfing occurs when a person near a mobile user peeks at the user’s mobile device, potentially acquiring passcodes, PINs, browsing behavior, or other personal information. We propose a novel solution, called Eye-Shield, to prevent shoulder surfers from accessing/stealing sensitive on-screen information.

Further details are currently unavailable due to an ongoing patent application process.


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