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I’m a 2nd year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Michigan and a member of the Real-Time Computing Lab (advised by Prof. Kang Shin ). Currently, my research focuses on the intersection between usable privacy and machine learning. As an undergraduate student, I was a part of the Wisconsin Privacy and Security Group working with Prof. Kassem Fawaz , Prof. Varun Chandrasekaran , and Prof. Somesh Jha on machine learning security and privacy. In the past, I have interned at Roblox Corporation and Optum (UHG) as a software engineer. Despite the challenges, I am having a wonderful time being a PhD student.

I am open to being hired for internships and residencies!

You can check out my 1-page resume , my full CV , or my research statement .

Please contact me via byron123t [at] gmail [dot] com, bjaytang [at] umich [dot] edu, or +1 (630) 880-3691.




Current and Future Research Projects and Interests

My research interests lie at the center of AI, S&P, and HCI. I’m particularly interested in improving user privacy using AI, investigating privacy and ethics issues using HCI techniques, and better understanding issues with ML robustness and fairness. Below are some of the projects I’m currently planning and working on. My dream is to design and develop an autonomous and fully-working AGI (not necessary human-level or animal-level intelligence). I’d prefer if you don’t scoop these exact ideas but rather use them as inspiration for your own ideas/research. Either way, the design and execution is the hardest part.



Adversarial ML

ML Fairness

Tech Addiction

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