Zion National Park

August 7, 2021

A Hectic Week

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this trip, it’s to check all conference deadlines before booking any plane tickets. Proofreading, writing, fixing plots – these activities filled my first day. I missed out on fully appreciating riveting events such as a 4 hour plane ride, the 108 degree Vegas sun, a 2 hour drive through the desert, grocery shopping, and cooking dinner. While I wouldn’t mind missing out on this stuff again, it was the all nighter (6am submission) followed by the 4 hour morning hike which really did a number on me. I’m not sure how I managed any of this without a single drop of coffee. After a much needed shower and nap, I completely passed out before the night even started. After finally “fixing” my sleep schedule, I was fully awake for some beautiful hikes. As our luck would have it, the very next day, our car broke down in the desert with a thunderstorm encroaching on us. Other than this rough start and hiking the narrows with a recovering ankle, I had an absolutely wonderful time in Zion. The challenging hikes were rewarded with stunning views, and we were continually in high spirits. The vacation ended with a nice streak of birthday luck (thanks to a very kind roulette dealer) in vegas. I happily ended the night only losing $70. Overall, the trip was full of enjoyable moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.


The desert where our car broke down as a thunderstorm rolls in Zion is picturesque A photo of the valley Rocks painted red from the sunrise The muddy narrows Excalibur hotel at night